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liquidfire core knee - closed back
liquidfire core knee - closed back

*Verplichte velden


The material is constructed on the basis of denim, which typically has a superficial diagonal pattern, made with the use of threads of different dimensions and structures. Once worn, it can stretch, creating a slightly undulating surface to follow water flow. This moulded surface has a separating effect between the viscosity of the water and the progress of the athlete, allowing a more natural movement and increasing lift.
The helicoidal structure of the surface of the material and the cut of the costume without opposition points, or rather without closed rings of material around the body, allow the garment more stretch so that it remains adherent to the body without points of localized pressure. Furthermore, this construction leads to greater wearability, especially for women. As part of this research we have reduced pressure at the ends of the legs, still guaranteeing hold and avoiding uncomfortable constriction above the knee.


Cut:Knee Leg Cut
Back Cut:Closed Back
Material:Liquidfire Core ( Poliammide Poliester Elastan 200 g/m2)

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